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    EnjoyVPS problems

    I have a VPS with EnjoyVPS; for the last few hours I haven't been able to contact my VPS, and when I try to access the "Manage VPS" area of their management system (which is supposed to be available even when the VPS is not running), it redirects me to

    I've opened an urgent support ticket, and got no response at all after over an hour; also tried their live support chat; there has been no response there (I've had the window open for about an hour and it still displays "A representative will be connected, please be patient").

    Their service has been relatively reliable (only a few reboots to date) and support has been good to date, but that seems to have come to an end now. Anyone else using EnjoyVPS having problems (especially those on

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    My VPS was rebooted and started responding to pings again about 5 minutes ago. From the logs, it looks like everything went wrong at Thu May 19 23:11:21 GMT 2011, and came back at Fri May 20 02:31:07 GMT 2011. EnjoyVPS is run by a Romanian company; this outage was early morning for them, and I guess they have inadequate net ops staff available to fix problems during this time period.

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    This was caused by a problem with the hardware node (kernel panic) which had to be rebooted in order to bring the VPSes back online. We've also done a kernel upgrade on this hardware node which we believe that will prevent this from happening in the future.

    While it's true that we have fewer staff available in night shifts (only one person) we do have somebody 24x7. This took longer to resolve because vzquota needs to be rebuild every time a hardware node is rebooted which takes a few minutes per VPS depending on the number of files.

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