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    * x10vps 2 month review

    I've been with x10vps for just over 2 months now. I have a D3 VPS server running centos, with 2 ip's, and cpanel. I started off with 1 ip, but then added a second one so that i could set up named for my site's dns.

    Setup didn't go 100% smoothly. I entered my mobile number in the wrong format at first, and so never got the verification call from whichever fraud prevention service they use, hence the order was marked as fraud, which is understandable.

    I reordered, and also put in a ticket with their sales department to check I wouldn't be charged for the first order.

    The server was online a few minutes later, and cpanel was being installed, along with csf. I recieved the welcome email the next morning.

    I then noticed that cpanel wasn't correctly licenced. On checking the licence status, it came back as an expired trial licence. I put in another support ticket, which was seen to and resolved in less than 15 minutes.

    I started getting my site moved over, and completed it around 2 hours later.

    I ordered the backup service from them the next day. This gives me the ability to store up to 2 backups of the vps in solusvm. I update these backups every so often to ensure I don't lose too much data in the event of a crash, which hasn't happened yet.

    I've also completely wiped the vps using rm - * (that's missing part of the command on purpose to ensure poeple don't accidently run it on production boxes by the way) to test the restoring of backups, which completed sucessfully, and the server came back online with all my data present.

    I decided a few days later that I wanted more control over my domain, and so ordered a second ip, configured named, and set up my dns and email to go through the vps, which has been working flawlessly since I set it up.

    I currently have a quote database, forums, status script, and billing system all running on the server, and it hasn't skipped a beat apart from one outage which I believe may have been a node reboot. I just had to power the vps back on once I noticed it was down though, and everything came back up normally.

    There have been a few blips..such as the console ceasing to work in solusvm, and dns issues meaning solusvm was inaccessible via dns name (tickets were put in for both of these issues, and they were resolved quickly once they became aware of them).

    The plan I am on is their D3 dedicated vps which has the following base specification:

    45GB disk space
    750GB bandwidth per month
    768MB guaranteed ram
    1536MB burstable ram
    600Mhz cpu speed
    100Mbps internet connection.

    To this specification, I added cpanel, a second ip, and the ability to do up to 2 backups of the server.

    As mentioned, they use solusvm for the control panel, which gives the ability, to power the vps on and off, reboot it, access the console of the vps, reinstall/change the operating system, perform both backups and restores, and change the main ip.

    For the machines used to host the vps servers, they appear to use dedicated servers located in singlehop's datacentre in chicago. Both power and network appear to have been without problems since i signed up, apart from possibly one episode where I got home, and found my vps powered off, which may have been a node reboot. I was able to reboot my vps with no problems though.

    Pricewise, i'm currently paying $23.95 per month for a d3 vps with 2 ip's, up to 2 vps backups, and cpanel.

    I know I haven't laid this review out in the best way, but i've always had that problem (I know what I want to say, but am unsure of how to write it down, so it tends to come out a bit jumbled). It took me a while to get round to writing this review, precisely because of that.

    For the mods: Main subdomain hosted on the server is This subdomain is pointed to the main ip on my vps.
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    Sounds like you really enjoy their service. Good luck with your vps!

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    Thanks for the review and glad you're happy with the service.
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