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    > Facebook like button, Gone and cant add it back :(

    Hi guys, I have been having problem with the facebook like button on my blog. I dont have any knowledge of writing HTML stuff, and I followed the guide at

    and here

    but it seems that I cant add back the like button at my blog. I had followed exactly what it stated on the blog, adding the button code right after <data:post.body/>

    Before this it is there, this morning I change the template and then it is gone, and now I cant get it back working.

    Hope that somebody can help me out, thanks a lot.

    Thanks a million in advance.
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    Looks like you got it fixed now?
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    You can read more about that here:

    Just Yesterday, I added that 'LIKE' facebook plugin, as well as 'COMMENTS' plugin to this website: (it's still undergoing for development) that I run for local business with some of my friends.
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