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    Social Network Steps

    I am a new member and would like some of your expertise, I understand you probably get this a lot. I am currently researching to start my own social network in around 6 months. I do not have programming/coding experience etc and will eventually be looking to employ.

    So far I have researched server costs (not that that will be an issue at the start)




    I am very vague on all these and how they relate to a social network and web development and social media is not my area of expertise at all, however I am determined to do this as i have found a niche i am confident about..

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of things i have to research/steps as most of the information available is in blogs etc from people who are pushing platforms of their own. My site will require new script as the features have not been done before therefore i understand it will be time consuming and may become expensive ( i cant run off a platform like nigh etc) i have some unique feature.

    I hope this post makes sense. Thanks in advance and a great forum you have here


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    Interesting. I'm considering making my own social network too. I'll subsribe to this thread.

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    Anyone have any experience or understandig? Thanks

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    The first step before hosting, coding, marketing is the creative idea. If you make a Facebook clone, it won't click whether you market a lot (There are tens of these already). If there is some creativity which current social networking sites doesn't have, it will be the main source of marketing after the development is done.
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    Thankyou this is where I am currently at. The functionality etc is vert unique. Not a clone of current platforms

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