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    Anyone from 1&1 here?

    Is there an 1&1 rep on here? If you are, can you PM me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladedThoth View Post
    Is there an 1&1 rep on here? If you are, can you PM me?
    Um, you should just send them an email, or call them. This isn't their help desk.

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    Um, thanks for the helpful insight.

    I emailled them 24 hours ago; I called them 6 hours ago with resolve promised within 2 hours, and nothing yet. That's why I'm here.

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    And yet....this still isn't their help desk.

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    Wow. If I had posted my issues, you guys would have been crawling all over the chance to slander another host. But when I ask for something discreet, looking for someone else within the company who can help, I get this kind of reaction? Amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladedThoth View Post
    Wow. If I had posted my issues, you guys would have been crawling all over the chance to slander another host. But when I ask for something discreet, looking for someone else within the company who can help, I get this kind of reaction? Amazing.
    Well if you have a problem with the server it self, that someone else might be able to solve, please let us know so we can help. I don't think any of us would intentionally "slander" another host.

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    I don't think there are any 1&1 reps around here, at least I don't recall a single person in all my years here. Having had service with them back in the day, I think it's safe to assume they are pretty much a faceless company... perhaps they have a Twitter or Facebook account you can reach out to?

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    Well, since I'm not getting through on the toll-free now. Signed up for a new box with them yesterday. While I did sign up, I didn't receive any confirmation at all, nor a timeframe to get the box. So I attempted to email about 4 hours after, just to see if they could let me know on timeframe. About 24 hours after I signed up for it, I thought to call in to inquire on timeframes with them. I asked how long, they asked me for my email address, I provided, then I got transferred off to 'validation'. I ask them the same question, so I get put on hold for 10 minutes. They come back and say that my sign-up was stuck in validation, but it was cleared and would get an email in an hour or two. It has been 6 hours now since then. I've used them quite a bit in the past and haven't had issues; Just strikes me as odd.

    Thanks for the replies Crater and Patrick.

    Edit: Just to clarify; Never got a reply from the email to their sales/billing.

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    I have use 1 and 1 in the past, and can't say that I was a all impressed. I don't think I ever got a response from them i less than 24 hours, and even then the response was basically useless information cut and paste from the website.

    I would suggest you cancel and choose another host, if they are not able to answer you in a decent time now what happens when you have a real problem and the server you just bought is down?

    FYI my last straw with them was when they started sending me an email a minute (ie roughly 60 in an hour!!!) because I moved DNS away to my own servers threatening to cancel all service unless I moved it back to them. I responded telling them to cancel and refund my money, 36 hours later I get a response with a cut and paste from the website.

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    I've been here quite a long time but I don't think I have seen 1&1 people around here yet. They are not really active on Forums or etc.
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    This still isn't their help desk.And yet....

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    From my experience with them:

    Sign up, get told 24-48 hours to get set up and live. Get told you will get an invoice showing special deal made via phone sales, never did via e-mail.

    After about 24 hours, I did get an e-mail stating they need a copy of my ID scanned and e-mailed or faxed back to their validation department. I called in to ask about this (and complain, since IMO this requirement should be told to people when they are signing up, since I didn't have access to a scanner). Got lucky, fiance had one. E-mailed back to them within 30 minutes. I was told when I called that as soon as they got it back, server was ready to go.

    The next day after it was 48 hours after the order, got told that while their support that sets up the servers does work 24/7, their validation dept is minimal on weekends, and that was an additional "up to 24 hours".

    This was all after 3 days of not being able to get ahold of the salesperson I was originally dealing with who offered me an extra month of free service. Finally the last day of the month, I just had to keep calling into sales until like the 3rd call I got another sales rep who would give me the extra month as well. (I was told by my new sales rep. that each sales person can make up to a certain number of "special deals" per month, and since it was the end of the month, most people has used theirs up)

    Another issue was the default configuration for the server was Plesk Small Business. I got told by sales rep that it usually is a 50/50 chance they would pay attention to note to use a different image. When I talked to them after 48 hours, talking to dedicated support was "confirmed" that they would do a different image. Yeah, next morning, Plesk SMB... I had to spend the hour to reimage with regular plesk (and then after playing with it for a few days, reimage to a base install and put in cpanel)

    The company definitely does not seem to a good system of communication in place, and each sales/support person you talk seems to have different stories of things depending who you get through to. I'm a realist. I've used their shared hosting before, so knew in advance, so I knew to keep on top of them.

    I knew what I was getting into as far as support goes, though, and know you get what you pay for, so, so far I'm not disappointed.

    Oh also, another interesting thing. I ordered on the last day of a month to get that months special, the actual charge to my credit card didn't show up till the 9th. To be honest, I haven't checked online invoices since after like the 4th, but never did get it by e-mail.

    Have patience, document everything. Good luck.
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