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    New to colocation , and have questions.


    I have four deticated servers with two providers , and now want to move them all to colocation (thinking about ) which will cost $98 for 4U.

    but the question is , what in case of emergincy like hardware failure ?

    i asked them and they answer that they don't have spare part , and if i will buy full cabinet i am free to store some spare parts on the empty space.

    but i will not buy full cabinet , i will order one 4U. so in this case how can i resolve this isseu i mean in emergincy case ?

    if they not provide spare parts thie means i have to wait for vendor to deliver the parts then they will install htem, this wait can be one day to week in holidays!, this will kill my business for sure.

    so how can i resolve this ?

    Thank you

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    so how can i resolve this ?
    Rent a dedicated server.
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    Without a doubt

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    Rent, your obviously not at all prepared for colocation.
    'Ripcord'ing is the only way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cristibighea View Post
    Rent a dedicated server.
    i have already dedicated server.

    let ask in another way, how others do when in case of hardware failur ?

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    Keep spare parts onsite in the remainder of a full cab or locker if they offer lockers, or colo locally to you if that's an option and keep spare parts yourself, or have a support technician on call close to the data center with spare parts on hand. Otherwise stay with your dedicated servers and let maintenance be somone elses headache..

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    You're probably better off staying with dedicated servers... much less of a headache to worry about
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    Drive to the colo facility with a replacement machine. Swap out the dead original and replace it with a new machine. If the colo is local you are SOL with this method.

    One option for non local co-lo would be to have a 5th spare in the colo and bring that up to replace the broken server, get the colo to remove the broken machine, ship it to you, you repair/reinstall and ship back. It then becomes the spare machine.

    All this said, I would stick with renting a dedicated server if the co-lo is not local.

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    Collocate Locally, have spare parts if possible on hand.
    Or rent the servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cristibighea View Post
    Rent a dedicated server.
    I really think WHT should put a "like" mod into the forum, some posts just deserve to be "liked" LOL.

    You have two options:

    Rent a dedicated

    Colo with a company who also provided dedicated they will most likely have spare parts on hand to fix most issues. However, be prepared to pay admin fees to have the parts replaced and pay for the parts.

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    To the OP:

    I think you have got your pricing totally wrong. Yes you can get 4U for $99, but that is for a SINGLE machine. Not 4x Machines.

    If your servers are 1U in size you will need 4x 1U Packages @ 49/month total of $196.


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    You cant save the monthly money by moving to colo and still expect the provider to support your hardware. You are buying less services with colo and should be prepared to back fill those services yourself. If you can plan or afford to have spares on site then stay with your dedicated servers and dont colo your own.
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