Valcato Hosting Launches Shared Cloud cPanel Hosting

LONDON May 19, 2011 Valcato Hosting, a leader in the Web hosting industry for nearly a decade, today launched Shared Cloud hosting, combining the power and flexibility of Cloud-based storage with the usability of cPanel-based Shared hosting. The company has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers testing the new service.

The company's Shared Cloud operates much like typical Shared hosting accounts, but dramatically improves performance and reliability by isolating front-end services from hardware. The technology virtually immunizes Shared Cloud Web hosting from collective failure due to hardware causes.

Unlike Virtual Private Servers, which offer similar virtualization benefits, Valcato's Shared Cloud service requires no special expertise from customers, and offers a hosting service at a substantially less cost. Valcato Hosting will offer its Shared Cloud service at the same price as its traditional shared hosting.

"Shared Cloud hosting offers all the benefits of the Cloud technology, without requiring our customers to make any modifications to their websites or hosting environment. The only substantial changes our customers will notice will be increased speed and better uptime," said Jay Everall, managing director of Valcato Hosting.

Valcato's Shared Cloud hosting service works by virtualizing the operating system on which hosting accounts are based. The virtualized operation system runs on powerful dedicated hardware nodes, meaning that single server failures can easily be mitigated without noticeable interruption.

Starting at just $3 per month, Shared Cloud hosting includes 5gb of disk space, unmetered data transfer, and instant account setup. Customers can also utilize SSH access, a built in website statistics engine, and much more. All new hosting accounts also include a free domain name registration and a free account transfer service.

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About Valcato Hosting

Started in early 2002, Valcato Hosting serves a variety of clients, including small and medium sized businesses and individuals. Valcato Hosting offers a variety of Linux shared Web hosting plans, Dedicated Servers, and now, Cloud hosting. Although the company is based in the United Kingdom, its customers span six continents.