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    Thumbs up ArtofWarCentral Awesomeness

    ArtofWarCentral, a gameserver provider has to be one of the top providers in US, not only in the diversity of games they offer, prices, but most assertedly, their support. Case of one was a server I purchased a few days ago..and for some reason, I could not get the gameserver to respond or "turn on". After 7 hours, I became disgruntled and and requested the server cancelled and money returned. Not only did they refund my $$$, but they filled up my account with another $5 and offered me a 30 day free stay with them. I accepted, but paid for the server, and again the server would not respond. The tech support jumped on the issue and moved the server to a new IP/location and a fresh install...and within a short time I had my working server..
    This is what I call "beyond the call of duty" for any game server company! (BTW.. the server was a Call of Duty!!)
    Kudo's to Dallas Behling and his support team at AOW.


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    Yeah there great at one point last year i had 5 servers with them. Although now i run my own game serevr on a vps i aquired
    They gave me some credit too for dowtime at there london location.

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    A good game host will not have to reimburse you for downtime!

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    It was actually when they carried out emergency maintience.

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    Great support team, seems like they could do a little more monitoring on their network though! glad you're satisfied!
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