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    Free Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Appliance

    We used to have a Barracuda Anti-Spam Firewall and it worked very well. However I am not looking to pay money this time for such an environment, since it's not for production this time and just for processing the e-mail of myself and maybe possibly in the future for family and maybe even customers.

    I am looking for a solution that offers the following capabilities:
    - web interface (access for end-users is pro, not a required)
    - anti-spam
    - anti-virus
    - easy way to re-send e-mail (e.g. if incorrectly marked as spam)
    - service as incoming and outgoing mail gateway

    I am looking to install it as a virtual machine and route all outgoing and possibly incoming email via the server.

    I would use the most popular solution with biggest community out there. There seem to be a lot of of solutions out there. Unfortunately this makes it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Maia MailGuard, ASSP, DSpam, Endian and found about 10 others.

    The same can be said about topics on the internet. Most of them are unfortunately outdated. I am looking for some 2011-advice for the best solution out there.

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    a few i like,


    and yes, there are many choices, you'll probably have to try each to see which is the right one for your use.

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    On the VM side of things I had very good luck with ESVA

    Anytime a client comes up to me saying I need to filter my email for free I set this up for them. Provide a admin account for there domain and they can login release wrongly flagged email (users can do as well).

    Easy to setup with in a few mins.
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    Try Mailcleaner. It is quite nice.
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    You listed ASSP... have you tried it yet?

    I used to contribute and was an official wiki editor (think they open it so everyone can edit now) for a while.

    It works great if you take the time to tune it. fribo can come off the wrong way to some people sometimes (a little like Theo de Raadt ), but he is very helpful to all problems.
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    Endian and Vyatta .. Software, Appliances are better options .

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    ASSP gets my vote. Awesome script.
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