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    Arrow Looking for an East Coast USA VPS w/WHM/cPanel + WHMCS

    Does anyone know of an East Coast USA VPS provider that has WHM/cPanel + WHMCS license included in one cost? I looked through the VPS offers forum but only found a handful of providers, and most were managed VPS units. I'd prefer unmanaged as I believe I can handle the day to day server administration. My disk space and bandwidth needs aren't much, I'd say 15GB disk space to start off with and whatever for bandwidth. I'm coming from a Reseller account if that makes any difference.

    Is $30.00 a month too low of a budget? I pay $20.00 per month for 15GB disk space and 250GB of bandwidth with WHM/cPanel and WHMCS included.

    My main reason for looking at a VPS is that I want more control of the server where I don't have that ability with my current Reseller account. Things like being able to look at the email server log files to inform a client that an e-mail was bounced for this or that reason.

    Cliff Notes:
    looking for a VPS provider on East Coast USA
    VPS should have WHM/cPanel installed
    WHMCS monthly/etc license provided
    1 dedicated IP is fine, more would be nice
    rDNS would be great for the IP address
    15GB disk space or more to start off with
    whatever for bandwidth (not using much right now)
    would be nice to pay around $30 a month, room to negotiate on that price.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The 30$ may be a little low since WHMCS + cPanel cost almost come up to this sum.
    But you could maybe try to negotiate something with the host, as you said, but for something a little higher.

    Wish you best of luck!
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    1. Purchase an unmanaged server in the US with at least 512MB RAM, there are plenty to choose from.
    2. Buy a cPanel VPS licence which most hosts can provide for you
    3. Buy a WHMCS licence from a reseller or direct from WHMCS

    Price Estimates
    Unamanged Server with 512MB RAM - $13
    cPanel VPS Optimized Licence - $15
    WHMCS Licence from WHMCS - $16

    Total cost per month - $44

    So you do need to up your budget a little bit. Hope this helps
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    I would recommend you to first check the hosting companies reviews before getting a VPS server. There are many companies who advertise cheap VPS plans and then they charge for every small thing.
    Also check where are the servers physically located. Hope this things will definitely help you to find the right host.

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