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    * [UK+USA] The Eliminator™ is here: 40GB Disk, 1TB Bandwidth, 600MB RAM £4/$6 per month

    The Eliminator™ is here!

    What is it? It's a great one-size-fits-all VPS plan available in a number of flavours and locations at an amazing price that other VPS companies simply can't compete with!

    1. Choose your location:

    We operate a very extensive high-capacity network within Manchester. Established in 2008, the Synergy House carrier neutral colocation facility has earned its reputation as one the highest quality data centres in the North. The facility provides over 23,000 sq ft of premium technical space. The data centre is completely carrier neutral and a major point of presence for some of the world?s largest network providers, commonly choosing the facility for its uptime guarantees and reputation for quality of service - achieved through robust, resilient and advanced infrastructure technology designed and driven by experts. In addition to private peering, transit is provided by PCCW/BTN, XO, Telia, Cogent, Hurricane Electric and BandCon/Highwinds and the network is protected from even large attacks with the use of Cisco Guard technology. Our network at Manchester is fully IPv6 ready and IPv6 space is available free of charge in large quantities without justification.

    Test IP:
    Test IPv6: 2a02:21a8:2:3b::c806:9545
    Test Download (10MB)

    Our servers are located in Tampa, Florida. The network uses redundant Cisco and Foundry components to eliminate any single point of failure. Our network is multi-homed through redundant high-speed carriers which results in you, the customer, always being able to count on fast and reliable connectivity to our network. Our data centre is outfitted with redundant HVAC, Battery Power and Diesel Generator Power to ensure uptime in any situation. We maintain low overall network utilisation at all times providing durability during any large internet routing issues such as a DDOS or DOS attack. Our Florida network is not currently IPv6 ready, so those requiring IPv6 space should opt for our Manchester network.

    Test IP:
    Test Download (10MB)

    2. Choose OpenVZ or Xen

    As mentioned previously, one of the key differences between our Xen and OpenVZ technologies is that OpenVZ allows for overselling, whereas Xen does not. There are 2 other key differences: firstly, Xen allows for the modification of the kernel through the use of pygrub, whereas OpenVZ does not. Typically, most users will not need to modify the kernel on their VPS. Be aware that pygrub only allows the loading of kernels specifically designed for Xen DomU use, such as the ones available from Stacklet.

    Secondly, OpenVZ allocates resources according to UBC limits (aka Bean Counters) - this means that the system places limits of a number of things to limit the resources used by your VPS, in addition to your RAM and disk space limits. These limits include limits on things like how many active processes your server can have at any given time. Our policy towards these limits is to set them high enough that they're not noticeable under normal use, and if you do hit these limits, we may be able to increase them for you at no charge.

    3. Get started!
    • 40GB RAID5 or RAID10 Disk
    • 1TB Premium Bandwidth
    • 600MB RAM + 600MB Burstable (OpenVZ) or SWAP (Xen)
    • 1 IPv4 + 16IPv6 (IPv6 in UK only)
    • Fully Managed
    • 15GB FREE FTP/rSync Offsite Backup Space
    • £4.00 per month for OpenVZ (includes VAT where applicable, approximately $6 USD)
    • £5.00 per month for Xen (includes VAT where applicable, approximately $8 USD)

    >> START HERE!!

    4. Addons

    All major Linux distros are available. Windows is not available.

    cPanel is just £9.50 per month, DirectAdmin is £5.00 per month. Webmin is FREE.


    15GB FREE, or upgrade to 50GB for £3.00 or 100GB for £5 per month

    Just £10.00 per month!

    5. Still need convincing?

    10 REASONS
    1. UK and USA-based servers - choose your location!
    2. No outsourcing - everything is in-house
    3. We are a real UK-based company with a real office in Lancaster
    4. Some of the fastest servers around
    5. We own our own equipment and have our own racks
    6. No bad reviews at all!
    7. 14 day money-back guarantee
    8. Instant setup!
    9. You can reach us by telephone: 01524 510518
    10. We have never had a security breach or lost a customer's data



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    You need to decide on the disk space for this plan!
    This ad is showing 60Gb again and yet the shopping cart is showing 40Gb
    On LEB you said that was a typo and it IS 40Gb but this ad today says 60 in the topic header and 40 in the body.
    Sort it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowdive View Post
    You need to decide on the disk space for this plan!
    This ad is showing 60Gb again and yet the shopping cart is showing 40Gb
    On LEB you said that was a typo and it IS 40Gb but this ad today says 60 in the topic header and 40 in the body.
    Sort it out!
    I copy+pasted the ad, sorry. It is 40GB not 60GB and I've asked WHT to change it again.

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