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Thread: yours opinion

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    yours opinion

    hello everyone.

    what is your opinion about computer chosing Desktop, Laptop or Nookbook.
    share your largest experience.

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    I'd always opt for Laptop. Its convenient to move around with your laptop.
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    We need more information about what it's being used for. I prefer having a desktop for business/work needs, but a laptop/tablet for casual stuff.

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    Jan 2011
    I prefer desktop for intensive stuff, but laptops are good for web browsing and other casual uses.

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    I find this is a personal preference. Some people really like laptops while others prefer desktops. That said, I think the state of art for laptops has reached the point where they can be, in most cases, as powerful as desktops. The only thing you won't find in such a laptop is an extended battery life.

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    Well, I'd give Apple's Macbook Pro line a try. They've got awesome battery life (10h) You really don't know what you're missing out on until you've worked on one while on the road. Of course, the price tag ain't cheap...

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    I prefer a lot laptop, it's definitely more practical.
    The choose of desktop for me would be based on the price only. Also, this one people can't ask you to lend it

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    It depends what you use the computer for - gaming, 3d rendering, etc I would go for a desktop because they can be way more powerful, but if you do graphical, coding, programing work then opt for a laptop because it is easier to carry your work around, etc.

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    it depend ur need..desktop i think use @ home and laptop 4 mobile
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    It totally depend on your need, for what purpose you are using computer. You are businessman, student, webmaster or any other, it depend on what you need. Personally I prefer laptop.

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    Apr 2011
    Having desktop is the best for using business and personal use

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    Jan 2011
    Depend on your needs actually.
    if you are station and need max performance use laptop
    if you are mobile and application usage is imp the go for laptop.
    but if you require only word processing and mail and browsing try out tabs they are new in town and gaining popularity.

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    May 2011
    It depend on the your need which you wish from your computer to fulfill. I prefer to go for desktop. If you have some hard work to do.

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    From my personal point of view, desktop have my vote. I have desktop and laptop. I use desktop to do design work ( large screen is much much better ) and i only turn on my laptop once or twice a week for casual uses.

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    It will depends on your needs, for example I need a big desktop with at least 2 28" monitors to manage servers fast, but when I go out to meet clients I need the laptop/netbook.
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    we prefer desktop pcs for business. also desktop computers are good for gaming or design works..

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    I'd say the question is not asked correctly. IMHO you can't ask
    what kind of car is better 2-door sport or truck? Plain water or vintage wine?
    You wouldn't move old couch in sport car, nor celebrate your anniversary with just water bottle, right?! ;-) You know what I mean...
    It completely depends on your needs and 'taste'.

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    Cebu, Philippines
    I'd prefer desktop since I just stay at home and it is easy to fix desktop computers.

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    I use a desktop-replacement laptop around the house. I can still move it to the living room for some casual browsing, to the kitchen to have that recipe handy or to the garage to have the repair manual open, but I still get a full keyboard and a 17" screen. It also uses less electricity than a desktop system. I don't do any gaming or heavy 3D stuff.

    For work, I use a 15" laptop, but I have a real keyboard and mouse hooked up to it, in addition to a 22" monitor. It's still easy to pack up when I need to do work in the field or at the colo. A netbook might be more convenient for that stuff, though.

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