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Thread: DNS Cluster

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    DNS Cluster

    I deleted an account and when I want to add the domain again it says 'Account Creation Status: failed
    Sorry, a DNS entry for already exists, please delete it first (from all servers in the dns cluster) '
    But there isnt any dns cluster option in WHM. and all other option regarding DNS I checked there isnt any entry or record for the domain.
    How to fix it please?

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    Did you check whether the entry exists in named.conf. If so delete it from there.
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    The account is present at your server or it has some DNS entries at server. If you are a reseller then ask your provider to remove DNS entries for that account. After that, you will be able to re create that account.
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    Are you using a reseller account? If so you will need to contact your provider to remove the DNS zone for that domain.
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    You should contact to your web host regarding this issue. I think DNS entry record is not removed properly from server. So, contact them for this problem would be better idea.

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    From looking at that error message, it looks like you're using cPanel. So you need to get your host to run this (on one of the servers in the DNS cluster) - /scripts/killdns

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