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    emails problems to hotmail.

    hi guys

    i signup with a wht seller ( master reseller account ), the service is very good, fast servers, fast network, very good ping.... well im happy

    except with the email

    i cant send or receive mails from hotmail, its weird because i can send and receive from gmail for example.

    i've tried webmail, outlook etc :/

    any idea or hint to help me out ?

    the host says "thats a problem of hotmail"

    regards and thank you

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    Did you check the JUNK/SPAM emails? Did it go there instead?
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    Are you getting any type of error when attempting to send email to @hotmail accounts?
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    hi again

    Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏

    when i send from to the host:

    when i send from the host to hotmail:
    [email protected] fictitious ( i have one hotmail account )
    [email protected] fictitious ( i have one hotmail account )

    for the the tests i use my own hotmail account

    very strange Lol :/

    but works fine with gmail :/

    tks all

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    Maybe the IP that your sending mail from is Blacklisted. I had a problem with this a few years ago. It appears if you have a "recycled I.P" and it WAS used for spam then Hotmail Blacklist meaning that the new owner can't send email to hotmail.

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    Did you check your MX records? Is it correct?

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    I got this problem before,,, I contacted Hotmail support and they resolved it,,, they are helpful

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    Thank you all for the replies

    the hoster is trying to find the problem.

    but im gonna contact Hotmail like you said, thanks.

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