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    [NL FR US] CentralHosts- VPS Reseller program! Earn up to 35% off per sale for life!

    Have you ever wanted to start your own hosting company? Well now is your chance without needing to have a large amount of capital. Team up with CentralHosts and be a reseller for our VPS services! We will handle all of the support tickets and hosting the services, while you can concentrate on the marketing and sales!

    Email us at [email protected] and let us know you are interested in the reseller program and we will give you your personal discount coupon! Below you will see the lifetime discounts you will receive.

    15% Off for having 1-5 VPS accounts
    20% Off for having 6-10 VPS accounts
    25% Off for having 11-15 VPS accounts
    30% Off for having 16-20 VPS accounts
    35% Off for having 21+ VPS accounts

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    wha are price for VPS ? and what is TOS for Resellers ??

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    You can find the prices/packages for the VPSes at our website at and our terms of services is also on our website at . Let me know if you have any other questions, we would be excited to get you started as a reseller!


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