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    Looking for Linux HVM on US West Coast

    Hi, I'm looking for a Linux HVM service (running Centos 5.6) on the US west coast (preferably around Los Angeles as I'll be connecting from Australia) with 2GB RAM, around 80-100GB disk space, 500MB+ bandwidth and 100Mb+ port speed. Would prefer a high quality service over a cheap service.

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    Take a look at Thrustvps, they fit your needs.

    p/s: 500MB+ BW only?
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    Any idea why you want HVM? It's a bit slower vs PV.
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    For quality HVM VDSs you can check out NFOServers. They have LA, San Jose and Seattle on the west coast. You can check out the pings to Australia on their test IP page - I personally find their San Jose location has the edge for Australia, but don't worry if you pick the wrong location, their control panel allows you to move your VDS between their sites, along with a lot of other clever automation. As for your need for high quality service you won't find better than from John, Brendon and the team there, they're top notch

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    Magoro found those to be quite a bit slower compared to PV. That is why we don't offer them anymore. You can always try getting a dedicated server. That seems to me to be a better option especially when you need all of that RAM.
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