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    Thumbs up ** Back Again ** Logo's $4.99 **

    I offered a few free designs on here a while back. Don't think I'll be doing that again as only had a thank you from 2 people. but yet the other 3 are using them but never replied. Anyways

    I'm doing a offer. for the first few customers depending on demands!

    Logo's starting from $4.99
    Banners starting from $4.99
    business cards starting from $9.99
    Enter pages starting from $9.99

    Also will take on any other work just email me and i will tell you the price in full before work and won't take payment until happy.

    Email : [email protected] | We can talk over the phone if wanted please PM for number.

    The prices are cheap because we need to build up clients to show other clients our work as we only have a few designs to show at the moment. but like i said if you're not happy you don't pay.

    Testimonial: "Chris from CT Designs was extremely helpful and provided great designs. His insights were invaluable. I would defiantly recommend him to others."

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    Dropped you an e-mail.

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    Are you available today to create a logo?

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    Yes Mikedell1975

    At the moment orders are between 12-24 hours so drop me a mail

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    drop u email buddy

    check ur inbox
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    dropped you an email Chris, hope everything works out to be great!

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    After 2 revisions, this person refused to reply any email, did not take any cash from me though so I won't exactly call him a scammer, but definitely not very professional attitudes towards clients.
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