~> Are you tired of your VPS becoming slow during “peak” usage times?

~> Want to sleep with ease at night knowing your server is up and running?

~> Are you tired of the your help desk’s response, “Hello, we are looking into your issue. We will provide an update soon.” and then not receiving an answer for 24 hours?

~> Wish you could just pick up the phone and ask a question?

~> Want to learn the "ins and outs" of a VPS and wish someone would be there to just ask a simple question?

Welcome to Big Brain Host!
Think BIG. Think BIG BRAIN!

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FREE with EVERY Plan:
- SolusVM VPS Control Panel - ability to start, stop, reboot, serial console, backup and reinstall your operating system, all instantly.
- cPanel / WHM Control Panel - Control your websites with ease! File manager, email service manager and more!
- Softaculous - 1 Click Installs with over 150 scripts ready to install in a matter of minutes. These include phpBB, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and MORE!
- Fully Managed
- Free Migration Assistance
- Full 24/7 Monitoring which includes hardware, network and performance of your Virtual Private Server.

- 20 GB RAID 10 Protected Space
- 512 MB Guaranteed RAM
- 1536 MB Swap RAM
- 500 GB Bandwidth
- Dedicated IP: 2 (more available upon request @ $1.50 per month)

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- 30 GB RAID 10 Protected Space
- 768 MB Guaranteed RAM
- 2048 MB Swap RAM
- 700 GB Bandwidth
- Dedicated IP: 2 (more available upon request @ $1.50 per month)

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- 40 GB RAID 10 Protected Space
- 1024 MB Guaranteed RAM
- 2560 MB Swap RAM
- 1000 GB Bandwidth
- Dedicated IP: 2 (more available upon request @ $1.50 per month)

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- 50 GB RAID 10 Protected Space
- 2048 MB Guaranteed RAM
- 4096 MB Swap RAM
- 1300 GB Bandwidth
- Dedicated IP: 2 (more available upon request @ $1.50 per month)

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See a list of our Fully Managed Xen based cPanel plans here.

What does full management mean?
~> We monitor your server, actively and proactively
~> Security and Assurance - apply security patches as well as maintain and monitor our network for security vulnerabilities
~> Module installs
~> 3rd Party Script installs
~> Site / Server migration
~> Server hardening from PHP to firewalls (software and hardware available)
~> and MORE!! Don't see something on the list? Just ask us!

With our virtualization technology of choice, Xen, your virtual machine will not be affected from other customer's activity. Just because your virtual neighbor has a very popular cPanel based website, your website or services will not slow down! No one is fighting for resources.

When you buy your virtual private server from Big Brain Host, you are receiving true, dedicated resources. In fact, it is very similar to running your own physical server but without the huge cost!

When you purchase a 512mb RAM with 20gb of hard drive space, you are allocated those resources upfront. No one else can have them. Why is this important? With other virtualization technologies, companies can oversell their servers in order to make more money but in the end, you suffer in performance. You are left competing with 30 other users for RAM and drive space.

If truly DEDICATED resources aren’t enough for you to make the switch, how about FULL management? Big Brain Host will take care of everything for you – at NO additional cost! Prior to delivering the server to you, we’ll secure it, run tests on the security patches, and update all software to the latest, stable, versions. We will also configure your cPanel server the way YOU want it. Need a 3rd party script installed? No worries!

On top of dedicated resources, COMPLETE server management, we deliver true, 24/7 customer support. And no, we don’t simply reply saying “we’ll look into the issue” and reply another 24 hours later just to ask for your server log in information. Our system admins are some of the industry’s most qualified administrators. They have the skill and knowledge to fix your problem, not just remedy the symptom.

We Have Hassle Free 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Not happy with your server? Not happy with support? Not the type of service you were looking for? NO problem. Let us know within your first 30 days and receive a refund – no questions asked!

How are we different?
# Complete 24/7 Customer Support
# Have a question? You can reach us by phone! 1-888-515-6360
# On the road? Call us and submit a ticket via our voice-to-ticket system!
# Location: In our east coast facility, we have connections to over 10+ providers which means FAST and reliable connectivity for your business
# Professional and friendly staff
# We act as your business partner, not "just" your hosting provider. We build strong relationships with our customers
# We've got actual experience. Our staff has over 20 years in the hosting industry
# We actually own our equipment so we know what we're working with and we have physical access to it. Not to mention, we hand select each piece of hardware to ensure top performance for you.

What are you waiting for? Put us to the test for your business. We promise you won't look back!

In all three of our data centers, our network is powered by a high-speed Cisco core, with an emphasis on stability and redundancy. Our network partners have access to multiple major bandwidth providers, and have contracts with many of them to provide the best speed and uptime to our customers. High speed Cisco cabinet switches connect into multiple cores to provide redundant paths to all customer servers, eliminating many downtime issues due to core maintenance.

Utilizing custom-developed automation tools, the Big Brain Host network network is able to rapidly respond to changes in network conditions, and quickly update customer configurations to provide a superior level of service.

Big Brain Hosts’ servers are top of the line SuperMicro Chassis, using quality hardware from Intel, Seagate, Kingston and more. You can be sure that our servers will be up for years to come.

Our employees the industry's best. We have a dedicated team for sales, billing, and help desk support. Our help desk is a true 24/7/365 operation. We stick to our very own strict ticket SLA in order to make sure your support issues are handled quickly and professionally. Have a question? Give us a call! 1-888-515-6360!