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    Mysterious gzip command on top

    I'm running the top command on my centos WHM server, and I have a gzip process consuming quite a bit of CPU, the user is shown as root, yet I'm not unzipping anything?

    How can I track what is causing this?

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    try pstree firstofall to see where it launched from,
    then lsof -p <pid of gzip> to see what files it's working on,
    then, if you need to watch real close you can even trace it using strace -e write,append -p <pid of gzip>

    But normally lsof is the best bet, investigate the open files and you'll find out everything.
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    Are you sure that there was not a backup running?
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    I guess its backup (cpbackup) or one of you clients is backing up his site so no worries.

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    I think your server running backup scripts. Don't worry

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    A customer could simply be using the cPanel backup feature. If it is the cPanel backup running, it will gzip content. Also the gzip process will use more CPU and take longer if the user has Gigabytes of content.

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