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    windows lighttpd freezing / locking little load

    I have a 2008 windows server that i want to run lighttpd on to serve videos for my website. I currently have 2 Centos servers doing this exact function (using lighttpd to stream this same set of videos to a flash web player, on a website).

    I installed the most recent lighttpd at: Lighttpd only (no mysql php ect, JUST LIGHTTPD). and setup the lighttpd.conf file to my needs.

    Lighttpd preforms well for a few minutes, but every so often it will spike to 25% cpu usage (im guessing this is 100% of 1 of my 4 cores ) and all streaming video (as seen by bandwidth put out) halts. then about 1-2 minutes later, it will all resume at normal 1-5% cpu usage and about 30Mbit of upstream bandwidth being pushed... Only to freeze again a few minutes later again..

    There are always people using this streaming website so it pretty quickly gets load when i run/start the server thus its something during those streams that causes lighttpd to wack out.

    I've turned on debugging and went through the console output at the time when the video freezes. but i dont see anything un-usual.

    I've also enabled/using the h264 streaming module just as i am on the 2 unix boxes that do the same thing as this new windows server.

    What can i do to fix this or debug this ?? I really need this to work and its a well built HW RAID server running 2008, with nothing else running, so its not overload.


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    Why don't you install linux on this server?

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    Hi, if that was an option i would do it. i really cant find any windows support for lighttpd so im now setting up a VMware centos drive on this windows machine.

    any one have any experience with windows lighttpd? it seems LOTs of ppl advertise they run it on windows as their webserver but this has been a nightmare so far.

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