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    custom cart developer

    hello, I just wanted to share this experience that I am currently going through, so that people know what they are getting into and don't have the same issues as me.

    After seeing moovin on up and their information on what kind of a store you get, and the general sales patter, I decided to sign up with them as I believed they would be beneficial to my newly starting business.

    I paid the initial deposit to get work under way and then I was assigned an account manager. According to their sales brochure, your account manager will answer your call or get back to you within 3 hours if unavailable. So far to date my quickest response has been closer to 3 days.

    They make you wait and wait and then my account manager called me to discuss my bespoke store, I told him what I wanted from a store and if I said anything that didn't fall into line with his tickbox sheet then he would inform me that doesn't come within the package and that it would cost more and he would have the sales team call me. So basically after going through his ticksheet, I signed a basic specification form that made a basic layout of the store.

    On numerous occasions I asked if I may see a working back office to see what the program is like, I'm expecting an unrivalled back office. However my account manager never sets this up for me, contacting him is a nightmare, he always ignored my calls.

    So then I get the first designs through, which is just an image of the potential front page design and layout, I think it looks good so agree to the layout. Then after two weeks of a taem of professionals building it, i'm presented with a site that doesn't function, with so many mistakes on the page its rediculous. For a team of professionals this level of work in two weeks for a stock background program with a design tweak where nothing works properly was disgusting. I call my account manager 7 times in 3 days without response, they have even had the nerve to send the completion papers over, which I still haven't signed.

    The back office is completely useless, and is more basic than zen cart or oscommerce, the product entry page is all on one page, the attribute manager doesn't function, I've told them the faults and my project manager couldn't see a fault, the cube cart background program that is running it is a hacker version 2, its not even current for cubecart, and to add any features that are missing they want to charge extra for.

    I feel like I have been completely mislead, mis-sold, lied to and given completely unprofessional service and now I'm left with a messy court battle to make sure that I am not forced into doing business with this bunch of amateurs that pretend to be professionals.

    If you want an "unrivalled back office" system from mooving on up, or evolution online as they have recently renamed themselves to, then please be aware of how limited the system is that you are going to get.

    I hope that this review remains as it is an honest account. If your considering using mooving on up or evolution online you will be far better off to get magento and do it yourself and pay for a theme.

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    Its a nice review in the field of custom cart, it will definitely help us to make any decision in future.

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