VPS.NET is pleased to offer WebHostingTalk members a stellar deal on CDN at just $34.95 for the first terabyte and then $100 per terabyte thereafter. Many people are unfamiliar with what a CDN does, in short it serves your static files to your end-user the fastest way possible, from a server closest to them. If for example you have a server in Atlanta but a visitor from California opens your website they, without CDN, would be served the content from your Atlanta server. However with our CDN offerings you can for once have the ability to affordably serve your content from anywhere of dozens of POPs that our CDN has. That means now that your visitors will be served your static content from a server closest them.

Adding CDN will...
Reduce server load
Decrease the number of servers that you will need to host your website
Lower bounce rates
Longer average time on your site
More pageviews
More money from your advertisers

Once again our CDN costs just $34.95 for the first TB and $100/TB thereafter.

Are you ready to sign up? If so, head on over to https://www.vps.net/level3-signup

If you have questions feel free to email [email protected] or me personally, [email protected].