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    Need a server (have specs)

    Minimum Requirements:

    4+ cores X3440 or faster.

    50 GB hard drive
    4 TB bandwidth burstable to at least 30 mbit (25% inbound)
    4 GB ram (would like more)

    Preferred location in declining preference:

    Chicago and neighboring areas, Kansas City, Texas, New York, Virginia

    I can split these requirements in 2 and get 2 dedicateds.

    Any suggestions?
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    How much do you want to spend or does it not matter?
    Aaron Wendel
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    Ideally it should be as low as possible without hurting uptime.

    I might be willing to pay more than usual for hosts with a reputation of good uptime.

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    I am looking for unmanaged. I have 1 server in KC at the moment.

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