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    Webtrends Analytics 10 - Any hosted version?

    The new webtrend analytics 10 looks VERY good.

    Although i know they are on the expensive side of analytics market, does anyone know if they have hosted version available?

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    anyone? or is this a wrong section to be posted in?

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    It seems not, though it's really good.

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    Webtrends analytics 10

    Hi there

    I was browsing the web for Analytics 10 reviews to see what people thought and this post came up. I work for the Master Reseller of Webtrends in Denmark, so I can help you with the information you are looking for.

    Webtrends Analytics 10 has just been released this Monday for the hosted version. The hosted version of the Webtrends Analytics tool is updated 3-4 times a year while the software version is updated once a year. That is one of the benefits of the hosted version.

    The software version was last updated in August 2010 to version 9.2. I would be surprised if version 10 for software came out in August, since it is quite a massive update. But never say never.

    So if you are looking for a version that is hosted for you, then Webtrends Analytics 10 is exactly that. All you do is login on the web and use the tool.

    If I can help you answer any other questions, let me know. My email is [email protected]

    Alternatively you can ask questions at the user forums, which you can find under support at the webtrends site. I am apparently not allowed to link in here until I have posted 5 times.
    Otherwise call anyone at Webtrends and they will be able to tell you what local department to get in touch with.

    Hope that helps.

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    Is webtrend analytics just like google analytics? Sorry, I'm wondering what's that one.

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    Hi ivounnerry,

    The significant difference between Webtrends and Google Analytics are the following:

    1a Webtrends stores data in a log file, which is then processed every 12 hours and the reports, which you have built are the populated with data and stored in a MSSQL db. This means you can build a report that did not exist 6 months ago and reanalyze your data 6 months back in time and populate that report. It also means that setting up a report and testing the outcome, is very fast, since you can run one day of data and populate the report without having to wait 24 hours.

    1b Google analytics stored its data in a relational db, which means you do not have access to the log files. The reports are still updated every 24h. This however means that you can make queries into the data as you look at data. This also means that when you operate with more than a few hundred thousand visits, Google will sample data from those few hundred thousand visits. So if you are looking at a small subset of data, out of a large set of date, error margins are quite large.

    2a Webtrends has a series of add-on products such as Segments, Optimize, Facebook analytics, Mobile analytics, E-mail exchange, Webtrends Ads & Webtrends Apps. These allow you to segment user behaviour on any possible action on your digital property. You can then take that segment and export it to your email marketing tool or into Optimize, where you can use it to either test content towards that segment or generate content live on your website, each time a member of that segment enters. Furthermore you can set up quite advanced mobile app analytics and Facebook analytics, which comes with a huge variety of prebuilt reports as well as a lot of options for custom reports you can build yourself.

    2b Google analytics does have some limited segmentation options, which allow you to segment on you customer behavior, but it does not allow for behavioral targeting or as advanced and easy segmentation as Webtrends. It does however come with Google Website optimizer, which is a very nifty tool for A/b testing of content. That is also license free.

    3a Webtrends is vastly more flexible when it comes to customization. This means that you can completely build your own filters, report metrics, dimensions and reports from scratch on any parameter you fire off from your website. Also it allows you to completely rebuild URLs, to do search and replace in particular URLs, to build 20+ level drilldowns etc. etc. I have yet to come upon something that Webtrends cannot be configured to measure when it comes to web analytics.

    3b Google has a lot of nice features in custom reports, which can be quite enough for small and medium sized enterprises. For larger enterprises, the demands for customized solutions are often higher than what Google analytics can provide them with.

    4a With Webtrends, you own the data.
    4b With Google analytics, Google owns the data and can do with it, what they wish.

    5a With Webtrends you can store data as long as you like.
    5b With Google analytics, they promise to keep data for around 2 years.

    6a Webtrends has a very efficient and qualified support.
    6b Google does not have any support.

    Lastly Webtrends has a very open API for importing and exporting data. This mean that it is very easy to get Webtrends data out into excel, another DB or a CRM tool of choice. Furthermore it also means that building add-on tools for your own company is very well supported.

    So it all boils down to this.

    You save the license cost by using Google Analytics but you still have to pay a consultant (who might not know what he is doing) to set it up and configure everything. If something does not work, you have no support and the consultant market for Google Analytics is quite a jungle in terms of quality.

    If I was a small business owner, I would use Google Analytics, no doubt about it. If I had a business where a substantial amount of my revenue was generated online, I would definately go for an enterprise tool. I am of course biased towards Webtrends. There are several others out there that might suit your needs too.

    I hope that gave a little detail. This was merely a dip in the surface of differences.

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    Thanks for the useful info. I only used Google Analytics and Piwiks for my clients.. I might recommend Webtrends to them.

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    I email them and asked and it seems like ultra expensive.I dont know if i am allow to post it, but it goes into something like 4 figure annual price for a web site that only makes 1 Million Page view per YEAR!

    I have a hard time figuring out who is suppose to buy this when your advert income wont cover those rate.

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    Hi iwod,

    That prices seems about right if you are talking the hosted version, that Webtrends runs. Software is less expensive. But then again, you would have to host, maintain and run the system yourself.

    Webtrends is an enterprise tool for Web analysis, just like for instance SAP is an enterprise tool for ERP needs. This means that it has a wealth of features and those features comes at a cost. You of course will have to evaluate how much your business can benefit from having a solution that has all these features. If the benefit does not outweigh the cost, then of course it woouldbe silly considering the investment.

    That is also why the primary market for Webtrends is the large enterprise marketspace and to some extent the medium enteprise market space.

    The comapnies who would consider paying a lot of money for a tool like Webtrends, is of course companies who make large investments in their online presence and benefit alot from the same. If you can improve your ROI or Cost per Lead generated with 10% over a 12 month period and your company earns 10s or 100s of millions from their online initiatives per year, then a price of 30-100K $ per year is a very good investment.

    Webtrends is niot in the business of selling software, we are in the business of helping clients succeed. That is why small scale businesses should be looking at free tools.

    Hope that helps

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