I have a server located on the Cloud that I am not using anymore. I still have 5 months left on the term (yearly pay).

Looking for nice redesign of my main site (custom not using anything from old design). what you get in return is the server for 5months usage. WHM included. Server has 600G usable storage 3cores and 4gigs ram on a very nice network. You can get root as long as you can verify who you are via a PayPal transaction completed after you have created a account via our billing center. If you do not desire to go that route then I can give you a reseller for the entire server capacity.

This for a total unique design. No templates. Please note this server is not budget and roughly cost 200 USD per month if one was to pay monthly.

You may reply here and or PM me. with your info as a designer and any portfolio you may hold.