Hello Everyone,

Brett here from India and looking for long term job. I have enough experience of around 5 years in Server setup, Server Security and ticket support in web hosting industry with and without control panels.

Contact email :[email protected]

Remote Support for Linux Webservers (L1, L2 and L3)
Remote Server Monitoring and taking care of various services and load hikes
Making Emergency calls to Data Center when a server is not rebooted.
Troubleshooting of Domain and DNS related issues
DNS Fundamentals , including diagnostics with Linux tools
Network fundamentals and diagnostics
Troubleshooting Cpanel/WHM, Direct Admin, Plesk, Apache, Mysql. PHP, Exim, Email,SSH Issues
Generating and Managing SSL certificates using Openssl
Setting up and troubleshooting VPS containers (OpenVZ, HyperVM)
Compiling PHP and Apache through shell and WHM
Backup, restoration, repair and troubleshooting of mysql db's
Troubleshooting Firewalls, mainly IPTABLES, CSF and APF, BFD, LFD and installation of the same
Server setup, server security and sysctl hardening
Installation of Load alert scripts in Linux Webservers
Installation of Various forums and blogs for the customers
Handling Support tickets in WHMCS,Kayako etc

Server Management and Security

Initial Server setup in LAMP environment or Cpanel/WHM
Installation of various control panel like Cpanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, Hypervm
Installation and Configuration of Apache, MySQL, PHP and other modules as specified
Securing PHP and installation of Suhosin
DNS Setup
Installation of custom software
CHKRootkit , RKhunter installation Configuration and Installation
SSH server hardening
Securing /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm hardening
Sysctl hardening
RPM upgrades
Installation and configuration of Firewall CSF + LFD
Installation and configuration of Firewall APF + Brute force detection (BFD)
Installation of Clamav
Installation of Linux Environment security
SSH server hardening
Installation and configuration of AIDE
Disabling and removal of insecure and unused services
Regular scans for easy-to-guess users passwords
Installation of SIM
DDOS attack prevention
Port Scan Detector PSAD
Installation of Process Resource Monitor
Installation of MRTG and Nagios
Antispam and Antivirus Installation and configuration
Restoration of files from backup after server configuration
DDOS attack , Installation Of mod_evasive
Installation of PMON socket monitor. Or LSM linux socket monitor
Installation of mod_security
Installation of Tripwire
Installation of System priority SPRI
Security and system updates
Installation and configuration of Logrotate and Logwatch
Installation of Nobody check
Installation of SNORT Intrusion detection system
Installation, configuration of Clamav and spamassasin

Also vast experience in

Linux, Unix Basics and Commands
Worked on File system, Permissions, User & Group Administration.
Extensive Knowledge of FTP,SSH,SCP,NFS,NIS,RPM
Network Connectivity Ping, arp, ifconfig, traceroute
Backup Utilities tar , dump, rsync
Implemented NIS Client and Server
Very Good in Nice, Renice, Cron, quotas
Implemented Kickstart, NFS, HTTP Installations
Configured Network Printers
Configured device driver for hardware like modems,printers in Linux
Kernel Compilation and Configuration.
Configured IP Forwarding, adding, binding & unbinding NIC's
Kernel updation of Redhat based systems and YUM.
Working Knowledge of TCP/IP, Network Topologies and Cabling.
Having good knowledge of XEN and Virtualization

Hours Available: 8 hours/day for 6 days
Experience: 5 years into linux administration and support
Any other information: RHCE certification on the way
Broadband cable + Wireless USB Modem for backup + UPS Power backup available
Extremely good in written and spoken English

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested to hire me.