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    * Mail Support system-Online helpdesk

    Hi to all

    Sorry I dont could any forum for my question, if moderators know please move my thread to there.
    We are service provider and our customers are from Internet.They have username and password from us and some more details.sometime they need to contact to us for support.We have normal mail from our cpanel hosting and set it on our Microsoft outlook 2010.
    we have 3-4 support executive officer and they are from other cities.
    for example when we get support mail from our customers so one admin will open this mail and inspect the problem and will help to customer.but mail will be still as unread on other executive officers on their outlook.and maybe they will answer and it will be Duplicated reply and creating issue.

    for this problem what do you offer?
    We should to have one system with options and more tools for handle mails by admins.other admins must to know other admin is on Progress customer issue.

    Please offer anything you know.


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    You may look into the Support system offered by we have been using it for years..

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    Any other offer?

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    I would check out this topic here, However, it really depends on usage, and if you want it hosted or not.

    Some people use cerberus

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    From hosted solutions I would recommend tenderapp and zendesk.
    Credit card processing, online check/ACH and EuroDebit payment solutions for the Internet merchants

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    any other offer?

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    Kayako and WHMCS are expensive ,
    Please offer more help desks?

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    Help Desk Software and Live Chat Software by Kayako. Improve support.Kayako is a fantastic system, is easy to use and has become an essential
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