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    Outlook keeps asking for network pasword

    I have my password saved in my outlook, but it keeps asking me for the network password. It keeps popping up every minute or so. I press Save password and it doesn't save.

    Any ideas? My e-mail is comming from GoDaddy. Would it be their fault or is it on our end? -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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    Just go to accounts, change the password there and safe it. Outlook never remembered my password when I changed it when it was synchronizing.
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    It might also be an anti-virus interfering, happens quite a lot actually (I work at a helpdesk). Try disabling or reinstalling your AV if you've got one and see if that makes a difference.

    If neither works, try removing your account settings from Outlook, and set up a new account with the same credentials. Sometimes that helps as well.

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    Just found a troubleshoot page at Microsoft website regarding this Outlook issue. Hopefully it would help you solve this problem. Good Luck
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