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    Acer Aspire 5051 laptop heating problem

    Hi friends

    I have above mention laptop is getting heating problem. Laptop heats up too much and then shut down, definitely system is shut down automatically to prevent further damage. Please help me and guide what might be the cause of this heating problem.

    Around 8-10 months before I got complete service of my laptop when there was same problem and engineer de-attached every component of laptop infront of me except keyboard and did a great service, then this problem was over but now again I have same problem. I also read some where to update BIOS.

    I have few questions:

    1. How can I update BIOS, can I do this online free of cost or how?
    2. I run few programs (Autosurfs) 24 hours at my laptop, is this might be a problem for heating up? (BTW now I give 30 minutes rest to my laptop after each 12 hours)
    3. Is Acer epower or these kinds of softwares are necessary to prevent this heating problem. I have been using this laptop for 4+ years but now this problem started?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you


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    It might help when you clean the heatsink, dirt comes between the spaces in the heatsink and that will stop the airflow.
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    Some laptops just overheat in time and damages the main board which may permanently destroy your laptop.

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    I've got the same laptop, and have noticed as it's gotten older I have the same problem. I purchased a laptop cooling pad which certainly helps, but I hate using it, and it doesn't do me much good while I am on the road with my laptop.

    Going to look into pulling it all apart and cleaning it out looking for any dust buildup, that might help in your case as well.

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