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    looking for a job

    Hi All,

    I am available for hire for telecommute position immediately. I have 6+ years of experience with webhosting industry and have had the opportunity of working with all flavors of Linux/Unix. At the moment I am unable to relocate and will be preferring a remote position. I am from India and have been working with a bunch of webhosting leaders, until recently, where I am forced to get back to my family.

    I am available through any timezones and am willing to work 10hr/5days a week. Although I will prefer a timezone of 9PM - 3PM EST.

    For the previous employer that I was working with dealt with cloud hosting and I had the opportunity to undergo training on Applogic panel and create/maintain cloud servers using the Applogic panel. Also I have a 2 year experience with applogic installations and maintenance. I was also working with Cpanel/FreeBSD servers more so I am well-versed with the updates and installations with freebsd. Although most of my work time has been with redhat flavors of Linux and also have had the option in working on Ubuntu server.

    With my previous employer, I was part of the systems administration and engineering team where we structured the servers and relocated the resources to match requirements. Our team was also keen on customer support and we were able to get the maximum customer satisfaction. I had the opportunity to extend my skills in bash scripting and was able to design a firewall software that will work on Linux/Freebsd platform.

    I have worked through L1/L2/L3 roles in my previous employments and I am a good team leader as well as team player. I am polite and always respect the customers. I try to reply by getting into the customer's shoes and providing them solutions.

    I am summarizing my profile, please feel free to contact me at ewizkid {at} gmail {dot} com and I will be glad to send you my detailed resume for reference.

    Thank you!

    Summarized Profile:

    Areas of Expertise : *nix/Windows server support/administration, cloud hosting support

    Operating Systems : CentOS/Fedora/other RH Flavors, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2003, Windows server 2010

    Control panels : Cpanel/Directadmin/VZPP/VZMP/Applogic/MSVS Panel/HSPC/webmin/HELM

    Webhosting Softwares Apache/Lighthttpd/IIS/Exim/Qmail/MailEnable/Bind/TinyDns/Mysql/MSSQL/Pure-FTP/ProFTP/vsftp/CGI/iptables/CSF/APF/PHP/Perl/Bash Scripting/tcpwrappers/OpenVZ installations.

    Have experience with creating tutorials and internal HOWTO's for the jobs we did. Also have been a great fan of automation and have added in scripts wherever it is required.

    I can take up sales/Billing jobs too, but will prefer to continue expanding my knowledge in Web server administration.

    I am above 18 years of age and I do have a bachelors degree to support my skills. I have completed RHCE and have also done courses on CCNA and MCSE.

    Please feel free to contact me for my complete resume and references.

    Thank you!

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    I am ready to work for $1200/month

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