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    My server sends emails to spam

    Hello , I have a dedicated Server With Cpanel , but any account on the server sends emails , emails arrives to hotmail or gmail or yahoo in spam folder , how can i solve this problem ?

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    There is really not much you can do, try to contact yahoo and hotmail to see if your ip is marked as spam. Also your message might contain spam words, be sure to check on that.

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    Make sure that the HELO name your mail server is using matches your IP address's reverse DNS entry. Also make sure that your IP isn't blacklisted, and check that SPF records are set up correctly if (if you're using them at all).
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    @CraterHost ,Thanks for reply , this happens with me with any reseller , vps , i dedicated i get from years , also my IP is not blacklisted

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    Hello Netera,

    There should be an option for Junk E-mail options within your cPanel.

    Failing that, you should ask your dedicated server provider, as they should be able to help you with this problem - might even be quicker to ask for a new IP address and try that.
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    Run a blacklist check on your IP:

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