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    A few questions related to tracking with AWStats

    I have at least a few questions related to understanding the data presented in Awstats. But just to get the ball rolling I will start with "HTTP status codes".
    It appears that many attempts at viewing my website ( have resulted in errors and unviewed content. I may be wrong but that is what it appears to be telling me. Here is my data. Can someone explain what it is telling me?

    302 Moved temporarily (redirect) 633 66.4 % 0
    404 Document Not Found(hits on favicon excluded) 170 17.8 % 612.25 KB
    206 Partial Content 109 11.4 % 44.87 MB
    301 Moved permanently (redirect) 32 3.3 % 8.48 KB
    406 Document not acceptable to client 8 0.8 % 0

    It seems to me that some of these errors can be caused be someone entering the wrong URL. Others appears to mean that I have links pointing to non-existant sites. Some are redirected. But when I look my site over I am not finding bad or misleading links.
    1) How do I cause the errors above to not occur?
    2) What do they all mean?
    3) What is favicon?

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    Not sure how else to ask the question. Surely there is someone out there who is adventurous enough to try to answer.

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    For the error code, you can search on google for what they're represent for and awstats documentation page would have better explanation to the work. As for favicon, it's an ico file in your website root called "favicon.ico", if it's enabled you can see the small picture in the front of website address from browser.

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