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    Question Questions about setting up a Blog on client website - which is best?

    I know that Wordpress will permit the creation of a Blog on an already purchased domain or subdomain. They also will host the blog for free, like Blogger does, resulting in the blog being under their domain.

    If I go with the hosting option, meaning I put the blog on the client's domain, they can have something like, vs. or

    I read that web crawlers LOVE blogs. So I've been looking into how I would offer and setup a Blog for a client.

    Question - Which method is best? Or is it safe to go either way?

    I ask because I want to know if setting up a blog, and letting Wordpress/Blogger host it, is going to be less advantageous when it comes to SEO for a client's site. I know I'll be linking to the blog from the client's site, but is it better to have the blog on the client's domain??? Does any of this matter?

    I definitely need some insight and expert advice on this...your input is greatly appreciated

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    If you are installing blog for your client then there is no issue as it is your client domain name. But if want to for yourself then it should not do without his or her permission. Paid domain name is better for blogs than free blog. so, I want to suggest you use paid domain name for blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancysmith View Post
    If you are installing blog for your client then there is no issue as it is your client domain name.
    I have a VPS that I will be using to setup client's websites. Their domain will be on my vps.

    I'm not sure of the difficulty involved in setting up a Wordpress blog that would be hosted on the client's domain (on my vps) vs. letting Wordpress host it.

    Do you have any additional information for me to that effect?

    Thank you

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    Word press is the best option for blog posting.Using wordpress we can add several plugins and also update the theam of the website.Any blog can be easily posted using wordpress.

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    No doubt ! Go for wordpress which is easy to install and maintain.
    Easy to place google Ads also.
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    I too recommend wordpress since it's a real user-friendly with a vast selection of themes that you can use. You can also place ads and other affiliate programs from it.

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    It is best to have it on the client's domain if they want to maintain it along with their site without hassle. Installing Wordpress is not difficult at all, just follow the instructions carefully, and it should be good.

    In terms of SEO I think blogs set up on off-site hosts like Blogger/Tumblr/Wordpress have a better effect, but it's easier to set it up with your own domain and server for your site.

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    Yes everyone giving the same answer which go with wordpress and get a own domain . Wordpress do have SEO plug in which will help you track you in SEO and will assist you all the time.

    Do not use subdomain of not it will be the same as blogger or blogspot. Ofcourse subdomain may win is possible but need lot of hardwork .
    Once you start a blog you do not have much time on design and structure your blog again . So go with wordpress and enjoy lot of free plug in and you will have more time to focus on write a good content.

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