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    Video Hosting

    Need recommendations for a cheap video hosting service. I don't need fifty thousand bells and whistles that sound great, but I'll never use. I need encoding, hosting, and stats. The stats don't need to be a minute by minute geographic break down either.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For encoding as a requirement I assume you want to do a live video stream, for this you will need something like Red5 which will require a vps. If you wish to simply use ffmpeg to stream already made videos you should be able to find a host who offers this in the shared offers thread
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    If you want to encode and host, youll need a machine that is powerful - dedicated servers that can encode fast enough as you stream it. - generous bandwidth, good machines.

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    So, do you need media server streaming? What about usage, how much storage, bandwidth?
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    I have seen some specialty hosts online that specifically offer shared web hosting with Red5, but im not entirely sure about the quality of the services. Just do a search via Google for shared red5 web hosting.
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    Cheap ... how much are you going to spend?

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    Is this for Progressive Download or Live Streaming?
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