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    Post [Review] Encept En256 VPS

    The folks over at Encept have this great social media giveaway every once in a while, where they draw a winner out of a bucket of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Two weeks ago fate decided to pick me, and so this review came to be.

    The En 256 package includes 256MB of memory, 15GB of harddisk space and 60GB of monthly traffic. You also get one of those shiny almost old school IPv4 addresses and you are also set for the future with an IPv6 allocation.
    You can pick from one of the main Linux distributions, FreeBSD or one of the editions of Windows XP, 7 or Server 2008.

    The beauty of Encept's virtual server plan is they don't work with those pre-setup template based installations, but rather provide you a management console where you can setup your install from scratch. I picked FreeBSD 8.1 for my setup since I wanted to see what else was new since the 5 release I used years ago.
    Setup for FreeBSD is done using a netinstall image, so you'll get the latest packages from a close FTP mirror for the FreeBSD installation packages.

    Starting my two weeks of usage of this VPS I ran into some trouble configuring the network interface in FreeBSD and decided to contact support for that. The support got handled by Encept's head minion in charge, Justin Shattuck (who actually goes by "Shat"), responded with a quick and thorough answer to my question.

    Encept has several locations where they can host your virtual private server. My virtual private server ended up to be located in Los Angeles. Two weeks is short to make any claims about stability of the network and service, but so far there haven't been any glitches and no indicators for any in the future.

    In closing, during a conversation with the CEO the following quote arose, which upon this point is very true and visible in all communication;

    "We're uber geeks man. Its run by people who have been passionate about technology, servers, hosting, development, programming since we were kids".

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    Martijndeb: We appreciate the review mate! Glad to know everything is running smoothly for you. As always, just let us know if you have any issues.
    Encept, a division of Zeruck, LLC.
    visit our site | chat with us online

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    Hay thanks for the review, how many vps do you have with them ? is this your first VPS ?

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    the review is too good to be true

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShashiKant View Post
    Hay thanks for the review, how many vps do you have with them ? is this your first VPS ?
    At the moment just this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yaocheng View Post
    the review is too good to be true
    Why is that ?

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