Hey guys,

I'd like to setup my own website that offers what S3 plus CloudFront does from Amazon, specifically to host and stream video.

I'm a little confused on the lingo, so maybe someone here can give me a direction.

I think there's two parts to this.

Part 1: A reseller cloud hosting account? Something that offers cheap, fast (datacenters closest to viewer) reliable content delivery from that can scale instantly with volume (cheap pay per usage as high as you need it.)

Part 2: Some sort of script or site structure that allows users to upload content to the cloud and then I can track their usage and bill them accordingly.

There's a part 3 to this, but I think that's a q for another forum. I want customers to be able to upload a video and have it encoded in multiple web/mobile device friendly formats, then put those on the cloud, then have the embed code call the right video player code and video format to show on whatever browser the viewer is using.

I'm pretty much trying to do what playwire.com is doing if that helps.

Any companies/services/advice is appreciated.