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    SEO Link Packages

    Link Building Packages

    5 Review Copies Available at 50% off (first 5 pms)

    Link Package 1
    50 .du and .gov backlinks for $25

    1. All backlinks will have anchor text.
    2. You get 20 .edu & .gov permanent backlinks.
    3. You will get a detailed report when finished.

    PM me the following information::
    1. One Website URL.
    2. One Anchor Text.
    3. Your Email Address.
    4. Subject Line in PM of 20 Edu links

    Link Package 2
    90 High PR backlinks on 30 High Authority Sites $30

    1. 90 high pr anchor text links.
    2. Detailed report of all links

    PM me the following information:
    1. Your Keyword and URL (Max of 3)
    2. Your Email
    3. Subject line of PM 90 high pr links
    4. Profile page has pr of 0 but high domain rank

    Link Package 3
    250 Angela and Paul profile backlinks for $30

    1. 250 Angela & Paul style profile backlinks with PR 4 and above.
    2. Detailed report of link placement and keyword used.
    3. 5 day turn around time

    PM me the following information:
    1. One website url.
    2. One anchor text.
    3. Your Email.
    4. Subject line of pm 250 profile backlinks

    Link Package 4
    35 High quality backlinks from domain PR 3-7 $30

    1. 35 high quality backlinks.
    2. Root domain has pr 4-7.
    3. All links with your anchor text.
    4. Detailed report showing all links.

    PM me the following information:
    1. Your url and keyword.
    2. Your Email.
    3. Subject line of PM 35 high quality links

    PM me your information and the packet that you would like and I will get back to you with a paypal link. I am still working on this page, but wanted to get it out to everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here or send me a pm.

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    Is the deal still on?
    Can you please give a sample link before we order for the package?


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    Sorry for the delay. Yes the deal is still on. Which package would you like examples on. Just let me know and I will send you the appropriate links.

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    I am so late you tell me that offer package still available or close this offer.

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    Yes offers are still available. If you are interested just let me know which one you would like and I will send you a paypal link.

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    Apr 2011
    Let me know if this offer still available

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    Yes all offers are still available as many others. Our new website will be up and running this friday. Just let me know if you need anything before then.

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    very nice post and very nice Packages, nice work well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by actionking View Post
    Let me know if this offer still available
    May be those links are not quality!

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    I like the way you do, very large sites

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