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    Arrow Server hardening done by Ninjas.

    You are probably reading this because:

    • Your server is unplugged because you have already been hacked.
    • You can’t sleep because you are worrying about being hacked.
    • You are one of the few who think proactively about security.
    • You like ninjas.

    Whatever your motivation, you are ready to secure your server. Unfortunately, when you look around what you find is a game of “My server hardening list is longer than yours.”

    A long list of unproven security add-ons does not make your system more secure. In fact, it can often make your system unstable and more difficult to maintain.

    Since security threats are constantly changing, you need a server hardening method that adapts to new threats. What you need is a strong security toolbox to detect and prevent issues. Fortunately, the Nessus Security Scanner gives you the tools you need to see if your servers are secure.

    rackAID uses the Nessus Professional Feed as part of our server hardening program. The Nessus feed provides us with a continually updated database of vulnerability checks. All of our server hardening services start and end with a Nessus security audit.

    By using Nessus, we can:

    • Scan for 10,000’s of security exploits.
    • Confirm security holes are patched.
    • Constantly adapt our server hardening process.

    In our Linux Linux Security, we combine the Nessus security scan with some server configuration changes that deliver real-world results. We help you configure your firewall to further secure the servers and advise you about remaining security threats.

    Secure your server today and stop wasting money on low-value, security checklist services.

    “rackAID has been one of the best business decisions we've made to date. Cost effective and thorough. “ – Tiffiny L.

    “Excellent and prompt service with server setup and PCI compliance issues.” -- David C.

    Note: No ninjas will be working on your server but, if we find any with great Linux security skills, we will try to hire them.

    We save you time, money, and frustration by handling the server management tasks required to run an online business successfully.
    No prodding required. We just do it right the first time. Red Hat, MySQL, Plesk, and cPanel certified staff.

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    before getting service i have few questions-

    * Do you provide Real time Support / Server Monitor ?

    * Do you Manage security and Uptime Guarantee ?

    * From how much time are you completely managing server ? and how much old are you in this business ?

    * What is your Price for Managing/ Monitoring/ Securing Server ?

    Please Let me know here, or Make me a PM as soon as possible.

    Waiting for your reply.

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