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    Looking for around 4-8 GB RAM dedi server for a Minecraft Server ($50-$90)

    Hello all,

    After doing a lot of research, I have realized that having a Dedicated Server to host Minecraft is probably 10x better than using a VPS.

    I am currently looking to start up my server again, but this time I will do a lot more research than my last server. I have, once again, gone to these forums for a bit of help.

    For those of you that do not know, Minecraft is a game. I need a game server, pretty much.

    RAM: The main thing that Minecraft needs. I need as much RAM as possible, and 4-8 GBs would be fine for now.

    CPU: Normally, the default CPU that I would get with the RAM deal is usually sufficient.

    Hard Drive: An SSD would be nice, but if it jacks up the cost too much, then I would be fine with a regular HDD. Space is not an issue, Minecraft barely uses a few gigs.

    Bandwidth: 100 MBPS, because the large amount of RAM would not make a difference if the server could connect to those amount of people.

    Is this possible? I'm willing to jack up the budget a little bit, but being only a student, my budget can only go so high.

    Thank you all for your time

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    Yes, that is possible. The server won't be top notch but it is possible. I think BurstNET would be your best bet because of the price.
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    I just looked at their deals, and they seem decent, about $94 for my deal, which is reasonable if I just work a bit more than normal.

    I wonder if there are any better deals though? They do seem good, I admit, but it is always possible for a better deal

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    You'll want to take note that minecraft is a single threaded application, so it is better to have fewer cores with a higher frequency.

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    I ordered a server from Datashack yesterday to run Minecraft and a few other games. They have a couple of servers that you can upgrade to a 64GB SSD in the $79-$89 range if you use their promo code.

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    If you can wait a few weeks, you may wish to check into VolumeDrive. - Playing the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and more...
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    I'd highly recommend DataShack's services. I'm currently running three public minecraft servers on their AMD Phenom II X4 955 plan, and have been for about two weeks now. No problems whatsoever. I've asked them to add in a SSD, hoping to see that work out soon.
    Their 64GB SSD ($30/month) should do absolutely fine, considering my three public servers are using only 1.5GB of space on the world.
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    Not sure on an SSD at that price, but take a look at Wholesale Internet for good pricing.

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    Don't bother with a SSD. They are too expensive. Just use a RAMdisk, it is the best for Minecraft and will smoke SSD.

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    I currently use a BurstNET Server to run my Minecraft. But after seeing one of those comments above. I might buy another server and try one of those listed ones up at the top out.
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    There are options for this level of server out there for as little as $65.00. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NateN34 View Post
    Don't bother with a SSD. They are too expensive. Just use a RAMdisk, it is the best for Minecraft and will smoke SSD.
    Wow, I just checked DataShack and they have the best deals. I will buy one of their servers this afternoon...

    But, one question about the RAMdisk. Is it worth the sacrifice of RAM to make the write ratio higher? I want as many players on the server as possible, and sacrificing ~2GBs of RAM might hurt that.

    But then again, there could also be another limit on how fast the HDD can write to the server as well, if I choose to stick with HDD. So many variables...

    One thing I will make, though, is a certain server radius, so that the players won't go to the end of the map and take up so much space, and instead simply stay confined to a small area. That would probably help a lot with both space, and writing usage...

    Thanks for all the replies


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    If you're worried about drive write speeds, I can provide a standard dd statistic whatever it's called for you tomorrow morning, comparing the SSD vs. the 500GB standard drive in the machine, assuming they put in the SSD into my machine tonight.

    As far as map radius, there have been no problems with my players going from (x0, z0) to (x999999,z999999) and having anything more than 1GB of space on the server used on three different servers. You should be fine with a single server.

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