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    [Wanted] ASP or PHP volunteer for small project

    Hello Folks,

    I'm looking to put together a hobby website and am stuck on the next stage of development so thought I would come here to see if any budding ASP or PHP programmer wanted to donate some time and skill to flesh out their portfolio as well as help make this project happen.

    There is a website called and I've spoken with the owner. He said I am welcome to emulate the design/functionality of the site however because the code is proprietary he isn't able to release it. It is all done in ASP.

    I have the image/design aspect of my project site completely however I now need to duplicate the functionality of that site listed above.

    Anyone have any time/inclination to do this?


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    Do you have an email/im you can be contacted at? You can't receive board PM's.

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    overkill (at)

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