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    Lightbulb Wanting to get into the hosting industry

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    I'm currently looking for a job for the summer at least, if not longer. I've been interested in the hosting industry for a while now, and I would love to get my foot in the door somehow. I don't think I'm qualified for the types of positions I'd really want, so I'd be willing to work in whatever capacity I can be used.
    I'm willing to work for up to 50 hours per week, I'm located in Texas, and I'm 23 years old.
    I'm open to negotiation on payment amount and method.

    Educational background:
    I have almost all of the credits I need for an AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree in Computer Networking; I've successfully completed Cisco's four CCNA Exploration courses; I've made good grades in courses on Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory; I've done well in other preparatory courses for the A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications, but I haven't taken any of the certification tests yet (mostly due to the cost).

    - Spelling and grammar
    - cPanel/WHM/WHMCS knowledge
    - Web site design/development experience (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, some JavaScript)
    - Some Linux CLI knowledge (due to owning a VPS)
    - General technical aptitude
    - Ability to learn quickly
    - Desire to create a top-notch hosting experience for customers in every way
    - Over 1 year of customer service experience

    - Not much formal experience with system administration
    - Not experienced in more advanced programming topics
    - Not experienced in graphic design
    - Not experienced in sales

    Duties I think I might be suited for:
    - Level I/II tech support
    - Copyediting (and maybe writing)
    - Webmaster / web developer
    - Marketing advisor

    If you think I could be an asset to your company, or if you'd like more information, please PM me so I can give you my contact information.
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    Garrett W.

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    Do you have experience with web hosting interface/software? cPanel, WHM, etc?

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    Yes, I've used cPanel and WHM for a long time.

    Also, I've now gotten one part-time job that will only last for the summer, so I'll only be able to work up to 30 hours currently.
    Garrett W.

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