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    Can you recommend a freeware image gallery/hosting script?

    I am looking for a simple script to facilitate hosting and sharing pictures. Specifically, I need something that is:
    1. freeware;
    2. allows multiple file uploads in some convenient fashion (some scripts take ZIP files - that would be great);
    3. allows hotlinking (i.e., once uploaded, the link to the image shouldn't ever change, even if I move the image to an album);
    4. generates thumbnails of configurable size;
    5. generates pastable IMG code:
      • HTML
      • (ideally) BBcode
      • (ideally) HTML for multiple images at once (a table with thumbnails)
    6. is secure:
      • uploads are login-protected (duh)
      • gallery/album access is also restrictable (I want to share individual images, but I don't want anyone to roam in my stash)

    What I totally don't care for, and what would probably be a drawback:
    1. fancy Flash-based gallery view modes (this will rarely be used as a gallery by anyone except myself)
    2. "hotlink protection" (I need the script exactly for the purpose of hotlinking, so would have to disable)
    3. forced auto-resize or auto-quality for JPEGs (the script I run now re-saves every image with predefined quality - that is BAD, I want the images to be stored as is)

    That's pretty much it. Sounds pretty basic but I can't find a good implementation so far Everything is bloated with features I don't need.

    Any recommendations much appreciated!

    P.S. I will host it on LAMP, MySQL is OK (I know some scripts brag about being MySQL-free - I don't care for that.)
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    you can check this site for your reference.

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    Do you do experience with any of these: ZenPhoto, Piwigo, Coppermine, LinPHA and Plogger. All these and even more are available in 1-click installer libraries such as Softaculous. Which means that any hosting provider that has Softaculous has them as a part of the service.
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    Check out Coppermine. I'm not sure if it has the exact requirements you need, but I remember it to be pretty feature-rich.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Some of these I have reviewed already, working through the rest.

    Currently looking at Coppermine. It is nice, but doesn't generate pastable HTML/BBcode, which is quite important. My most typical use case is "I have this picture on my hard drive, I want to share it on a forum or blog", so I am looking for something that would streamline this process as much as possible.
    First Amendment of a webhost: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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