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    The Host I'd like to review today is called
    I was looking for a decent-priced offer to replace my old provider due to it being openvz. mainly in search for a *XEN* VPS.

    It was a sunday afternoon. i saw the livechat online so I spoke to someone called charlotte. she told me the order could be setup straight away after paying. I purchased the 4.40 VPS via the ordering system they provide. I tried paying via paypal. but had some issue's i also noticed that they had a bank-transfer method. so I asked if I could use that they said they would activate the VPS and wait for the payment to come in. that was infact very kind off them to even do that for me. I phoned up my bank and they said they could do a instant bank-transfer I told them that my bank has sent the payment. I told the person via the livesupport. she told me that they had got the payment into there bank account and set the order as paid. and I have now setup a monthly bank transfer from my bank to them,

    I know it seems a lot of chatter for a review for a VPS. but this company went out of there way several times to help me. and during buisness hours the livesupport is always online.

    My following rating for this provider would be 10/10!
    It never goes down and never is sluggish and quite decently priced for a UK Xen VPS.

    Also forgot to mention the support is very quick. during the day it's quite fast/professional replys.

    So if your intrested in a decent-priced UK xen VPS. this provider is the place
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    Is their any demerits or negative points of xen vps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by humawebdesign View Post
    Is their any demerits or negative points of xen vps?
    Xen VPS have dedicated resources, also with a dedicated kernel. allows you to do so much more.

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    Thank you for your review.

    Have you verified your service IP with WHT? (If not, all you need to do is click the report button of your post and provide the IP address of your Virtual Server- and they will verify the review!)

    Also Welcome to Webhostingtalk!
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    Thanks for the review.
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