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    webhost won't transfer domain

    This issue is that my (old)web host BYTEHOST is refusing to transfer my domain i need to register my new IP addresses and new name servers but they disabled my control panel and haven't answered my support tickets. I was able to get in touch with them in live chat but soon as i told them who i was they terminated the chat session, what do i do? it appears that xlhosts is part or some way involved in this
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    If these domains are related to your other post, they probably cannot be transferee for some time. ICANN sets a transfer rule of one time per 60 days. Since your registrar changed, it is not possible to move it for 60 days. It kinda sucks but that is how it works. They are probably not refusing to let you move it, but rather cannot move it themselves.

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    i understand that, but this is a completely different service with the same host after the problem with my old .com site they messed up my reseller service been down for going on three days now all sites don't work and they haven't responded to any of my support tickets. it even gets deeper yet, but what they are doing is wrong in my opinion and there must be something i can do to get them to transfer this service

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    Looks like they are a enom reseller.

    Just contact Enom and tell them they they are an unresponsive reseller. Make it clear that you have already tried to contact them several times.

    You will need photo ID that matches the NAME and ADDRESS of the person on the WHOIS for the domain. Make sure you are very clear. One time I had Enom push the resellers main domain into my account instead of the clients. (Yeah, I gave it back.)
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    I suppose that means that your domain name is not under your control and full management. I always recommend make sure that your web hosting account and domain name account are dedicated even if they are from one company.
    Enom is your way - contact them and most likely you will get some sort of help.

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