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    hardware obsolesence

    The few rackmount servers and desktops that I'd built not so many years ago now have an obsolete part - PATA IDE disks and hot swap bays.

    Now it's time for me to put together another rackmount server again. I'd like to seek your wisdom as to what I sould avoid.

    Currently, I'm looking at:

    * Supermicro SC826TQ-R800LPB (2u, 12 x sata-300 h/s bays).
    - Are sata-300 bays a bad idea going forward into the future?

    Motherboard / cpu
    * Possibly a Supermicro C7Q67 motherboard with i7-2600
    * Possibly a Supermicro X9SCM motherboard with i3-2100 or xeon e31220
    * Possibly a Supermicro X8ST3 motherboard with prev gen i7 cpu

    Additional SAS/SATA ports
    - Since the chassis comes with 12 bays, I will either need a motherboard with both 8xsas + 6xsata, or pick a motherboard with 6xsata and add on another sata/sas controller. Recommendations?
    - I'm planning to do linux software raid, so jbod will do.
    - Is there a better alternative to linux software raid? flexraid? etc.

    Thanks for your advice.
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    Hardware RAID? If you opt for the E1 or E2 backplane vs the TQ, you can use a 4 port card (ie 3ware 9750-4i).
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