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    Host Polar 3 month review

    I have a custom plan VPS from HostPolar since 02/19/2011

    My VPS is used for hosting a Babo violent 2 server and a wordpress blog that I dont utilize. The most important thing I was looking for was cheap price, reliability, and speed. Justin was able to meet these needs for me and then some.

    1) Network (9/10)
    Its the fast, I dont transfer large files its more about latency for the game server, players spread out across the nation and they can all play in these east coast New York servers without issue. (feel free to ping for a test)

    2) Orders(10/10)
    They are fast and accurate.

    3) Uptime (10/10)
    I have never had unscheduled downtime.

    4) Features (SolusVM/10)
    Its SolusVM and WHMCompleteSolution, he has configured them correctly and they both run great.

    5) Support (11/10)
    I have actually never really needed to bother Justin for anything, but he is available via MSN chat most the day and he often starts the conversation with me 3-4 times a week. "Hey Jon hows the server going? Anything you need?" Really has a nice personal touch I dont think I have gotten from any provider ever. I like it.

    AFTER ALL: 10/10. Justin has delivered on all points I was looking for, Speed, Price, and Reliability, and he has gone above the grade and been in constant contact since I signed up. I am very happy with Host Polar and plan to stick around for a long time.
    Jmainguy Solutions | Tech Support for Linux game servers and Windows anything.

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    10/10 over all, really? You are generous man!
    Nice to see you are happy with your provider!

    p/s: ping and get good latency from my location (Asia).

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    Hi Jmainguy,

    Thanks for following up with your review, thanks so much for the kind words, it's been my pleasure assisting you with your game server.

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