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    Free Quad Core Server With Any Standard Cloud Deployment. Hosted & Managed By UNIXy

    Fully Managed Cloud

    UNIXy takes a truly different approach from the rest in the market. We take full ownership of IT matters for your business. Whether it is one dedicated server or a cloud, you have an experienced and very capable team assisting you around the clock all year long. In addition to the impeccable and comprehensive management service, we provide full support for all your third party applications at no extra charge. Our pledge to you, our customer, is to support your business and to propel you forward with technology that is light years ahead of your competition.

    In this very unique offer, we are taking on the task of building your very own fully managed dedicated cloud. The cloud is the perfect recipe for a growing business. The technology deployed is proven and bound to get you the most availability, flexibility, performance, responsiveness, and scalability. We deploy accelerators, SAN storage, load balancing, and unattended in-situ failover. The configuration scales out so that an increase in traffic can be easily mitigated by adding more processing.

    Why would one need a cloud?

    • Offer Cloud Services
    • Business Availability
    • Scale your site infinitely!
    • Receive more traffic than ever before
    • Better search engine rankings (more visitors)
    • Faster page load and better speeds even when under heavy traffic

    In brief, here are some characteristics of our service:

    • All Fully Managed Servers
    • 24/7/365 UNIXy Stellar Support
    • Word-Class Datacenter Facilities
    • GeekArmor Server Hardening
    • Free Private Network (VLAN)
    • Feature-Rich Control Panel
    • HTTP Load Balancing
    • Third-party Application Support
    • Custom Script Implementation
    • Free Off-Server Backup
    • SQL and Script Root Cause Identification
    • Unlimited Technical Support
    • Database Replication
    • Failover
    • And Much More!

    Cluster deployments and pricing vary depending on desired configuration and resources required. Be sure to get in touch with us for a free assessment and consultation. For inquiries, please drop us a line here:

    Limited-time offer:

    The free quad core server is part of a limited time offer. The features of the quad core server are guaranteed to be as follows at minimum:

    • Quad Core Xeon or Opteron CPU
    • 4GB DDR3 RAM
    • 2x500GB SATA

    Portal Shortcuts:

    Main Portal:
    VPS Hosting:
    Accelerate Your Server:
    Advanced Hosting:
    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers & Clusters:

    UNIXy - Fully Managed Servers and Clusters - Established in 2006
    [ cPanel Varnish Nginx Plugin ] - Enhance LiteSpeed and Apache Performance - Los Angeles | Houston | Atlanta | Rotterdam
    Love to help pro bono (time permitting). joe >

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    nice offer

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