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    * My Worldstream Server Being DDoS'd

    So I've had a Worldstream dedi server for over a year that has served me quite well and I've never had complaints. Server uptime was pretty much 100%.

    This morning I wake up to my server being down >.< I can't login to ssh or anything. I check the facebook fan page of my site and I gather that it has been down for the past 6 hours.

    Every hour I'm losing about $10...

    So after doing some emailing with Worldstream (which felt like forever, I was literally refreshing my email box waiting for their replies) they told me my server is being heavily DDOs'd. is there anything you can do about it? Again I wait another 40 min refreshing my email for reply...and they reply with Nope, but we can block the traffic so your bandwidth isn't used up.

    So I figured that's a no brainer, please do that. And I asked what are my options I just drop everything and go get a new server or something? Do I just keep paying my monthy bill for the server when I can't even connect to it, and you can't seem to do anything either?

    They replied to wait a day or so and see if the ddos lessens, and to go from there.

    So that is where I am right now. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I'm probably going to lose out on $300+ >.>

    So my question is, isn't Worldstream suppose to have protection for this sort of stuff? They told me that the DDoS is at such a large magnitude that no server side protection script would have helped me, what about the stuff they got on their end?

    I'm kind of disappointed that I'm at the mercy of the ddoss attackers.

    Any thoughts or advice from the WHT community?
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    EVERYONE is at the mercy of DDOS attackers. Either you pay a lot more and filter *most* attacks or you suffer.

    If your server is worth revenue of $300 / day you really should pay for a host that includes this with their service. If a host doesn't say "we have DDOS protection" they don't. The tools and processes to do it are not cheap.
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    Cisco ASA 5585-X Security Plus Firewall Edition SSP-20 bundle

    rough estimate on a decent firewall.... wow.

    here's a cheaper datacenter grade one:

    Cisco ASA 5585-X Firewall Edition SSP-10 bundle - Security appliance

    but most hosts will tack on 100/mo approx for one for a dedicated server. But most use an ASA5520 or 5505 which range from 600USD to about 12,000USD.... which would make it a little less per month (like 50-75USD per month)
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