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    Centos 5.6 Imap Server Error

    I have a Centos 5.6 vps Running Kloxo. I am using sendmail. Ever since running the update, I am getting an Internal Server Error when trying to connect to webmail. Before this I got an imap connection failure. After the first error I rebooted my VPS, which only made problems worse.

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    is this a vps? any fail counts in bean counters

    also try removing webmail files and reinstall em and see if any differnce is there

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    # telnet yourip portnumber
    # (telnet 143) this is for example u can fill your ip in the place of and try the port or else, check it out that the dovecot.conf's line listen[::] if its comment just uncomment that

    after service restart
    v hope it'l works.

    and kindly checkout the firewall and log files.

    can u send (tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog)
    and also (tail -f /var/log/maillog)too
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