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    Question Developing domain

    Hello All,

    I got out of the domain business awhile back but kept a few domains, one being

    Initially, I was going to sell it but have decided to develop it and could really use some advice on the niche to target. Being the domain is a very broad generic word, it can be applied to many fields.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Yes, your domain name includes broad meaning and you can go for any subject or fields in which you have experience but it should be assist to someone or help to get solution for a particular topics. As it includes helper in domain name.

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    I suppose that domain name is good enough and that would be a nice idea if you can place that domain name for appraisal on various forums and special sites.
    If you will not be able to find out any idea for its development I would recommend you steeling that domain name.

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    Someone will buy it... would be much better if you had the .com as well... then you would get all kinds of professional offers.

    But someone will overpay for that domain, no doubt. The .com seemed to be owned by a small company, so maybe no pressure on them or concerns with ownership.
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